2 May 2009

Crossed Lines

1. Agnes Martin
3. Agnes again x 4. 
4. Line Vautrin, un petit boite
5. Geoff Mc Fetridge , behind the scenes of an interesting 2D-becomes-3D painting
6. Geoff himself with said painting and cool specs.
7. E minor! ( let ring)
8. Part of a Kerouac poem 'The rain is really milk / the night is really white'
9. Biro Graphics™
10. Iron tsuba ( sword hilt) unusual grid design. very... striking?
11. Envelope innards. I LOVE these. maybe paper a whole room with?
12.French plaid samples
13. detail, Hokusai. or is is Hiroshige???
14. Cable management, Tokyo.


  1. what about a miller shirt?

  2. Those close to me know I do not own any miller shirts, as such, so I cant satisfy your request, Anonymous, but could possibly improvise with body paint?

  3. What did you do with them all?

  4. this is a beautiful posting. why is it that the grid can be so calming and complete?

  5. a band, nay a posse, of track-standing fixie-riding rubes raided my wardrobe and made off with all my miller shirts. Good thing I've got this here barrel...
    * * *

    note that I threw in some messy grids into the mix here, maybe they have a pleasing tension b/w chaos and order?
    Some say we attracted to what we lack. Time to get organised David John? ;-)

    Agnes Martin somehow managed to be unboring and unmonotonous- I think by her subtle subtle modulation of absolutness. Ni-hice!