23 May 2009

Kapoor's Cloud Gate

'Cloud Gate', Anish Kapoor.
Ive been thinking about it.
I do like it. 
Its mercuriality. (I am expecting it to flop and shimmer away down the steps...)
Its mass/ materiality. (welded from 10mm s/s sheets!) Its perfection.
(but boy it was too expensive! $US 23 million, privately funded- might as well have been an actual mercury fountain) 

Kapoor likes to remove all evidence of the making and construction. No gesture, no signature, no solder joins! (see Jünger)

Interestingly, I rather think it is so perfected that it has a decidedly 'made by humans' quality.
I can 'see' the making process just as clearly as if it were covered in seams. There is no randomness; there is implicit control; I can visualise the endless meetings and emails with engineers and financiers, the days upon days of grinding and polishing, not to mention the twice daily wipe-down! 
While a schoolboy, we visited an orchard.
Each of us was given an apple.
My friend Jeremy sat on the bus and polished his ALL the way home.
It shone, yes, but more impressive was his devotion to the task;
I had eaten mine within a minute. 
It was delicious!

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