14 April 2009

We Return

The Hirondelle, or Swallow- the motif hasnt been spoiled for me yet. To see a Swallow flapping overhead, it lifts my world-weariness. As a boy, Swallows would return each year to nest in the eave by my room. This was entrancing and annoying; they were very beautiful, but would poop on the paving. 
1. American Indian jewelry. Bold!
2. 'Hirondelle' hood ornament versions and badge
3. a broken mud nest, repaired with...
4. 'we return'. wish I had made this. Much gold here! Unknown maker.
5.hood ornament again
6. I think it is a blessing to have them in your eaves! ( A good haiku brings two ideas together, shedding new light on them both.)

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