28 April 2009

Suburban Archaelogy

I was mowing our jungly lawn, and saw this glimmer in the spidery grass.
Lo! A lost treasure...
A silver bird. fair condition.
I had completely forgotten about this- I think I must have left it outside as an experiment in natural patination- but I dont remember...maybe it got mixed up in the kid's toys? I must have mown over it several times over the months. I guess I'll never get a job as a conservator.
Looks particularly troglodytic in contrast to the jizai okimono, doesnt it?- but... that was my original intention!

1 comment:

  1. Hey!

    I'm so glad I found your blog. Love your finds. especially these birds.

    Ps: I had no idea "my faith in architecture" would cause such a debate. its been fascinating to follow the debate. thank you for commenting. its hard to sit on the sidelines on this one...but as the blogger, i believe its important to present an idea / statement and see how people react and interpret my words & images....and I'm very interested in who this anonymous person is.

    i shall be a regular on your site!