7 April 2009

Dieter Rams as the 'Moses' of Design

I really like Ram's Hi-Fi designs. 
But seeing as the above were published as 'Ten Commandments', I cant help but feel this is very presumptuous. So, I say, lets scrutinise them.
first thoughts;
Rule#1:Nihil de nihilo fit: nothing comes from nothing. Originality is non-existant.
Rule # 10: Hmmm. I like this, but,  I must say:
You cant escape complexity. Not really. Its always there, squirming around, under the drab grey casing, isnt it?
And a designer must know that.
Because in being 'Simple', often the design of an object must 'lie' about the complexity beneath- and sometimes its an arduous lie, really fancy footwork!
I think they call that 'Simplexity'. 

1 comment:

  1. Surely the simplest design of all is sans casing, thus revealing the complexity.

    Oh the irony!