8 March 2009

Red Turning Into Blue

Vintage Grain Sack material. They make this into cool bags and stuff.

Red, off-white and blue is my favourite colour triad. I have made a few objects using this scheme and will do more. I've been thinking about this; why is it so appealing? It has to be off-white, not just white. No flags, please. 
Then I realised, that these are basically the so-called primary colours, just a bit muted. Also, if you are looking at a rainbow or colour spectrum, and you squint... you pretty much get red to pale yellow to blue! So! Its pretty much a natural progression of colours; a harmonious spectrum of wavelengths.
1. cropped sunset photo demonstrating the spectrum
2. Painting on ply. 2007
4. Hair pin. Wood  2006. has an articulated top section for interest.
5. Brooch / Wall piece.  Silver, paint. 2006. Folky, matte, papery-looking, but actually metal.

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