2 March 2009

Dolphins are OK

Few animals have been the subject of as much corniness!
Even though a motif might be thread-bare (or stretched), as it were, beyond recognition, from over-use - maybe it could be done differently; reclaimed?
I suppose, though, that you can never escape the corny associations that the dolphin motif carries, so no matter what you do with it, those associations are always going to be there, like some kind of penumbra.

1. So... I went there.
I made a ridiculously elongated dolphin, a reference to cliched jewellery, you see...
but, its kind of serious... 
I do love dolphins!

2. Dolphin Money?
Greek coins from Olbia, circa 6th C. BC
Approx. 35 mm long , 1-3 grams.
via the very interesting British Museum online collection
I cite these as an example of serious dolphinry, because money is serious stuff. 

3. Arno Malinowski brooch for Georg Jensen. (My fav Jensen designer- especially his iron series.) This one is particularly good because it is a bit puzzling; very formal composition, typical Jensen look, but... who puts dolphins with plants?? I dont think its seaweed either; the pea-like tendril is in the air as the dolphins breach past it. Wacky dolphin stuff! There are cufflinks with the same dolphins. 

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  1. hi. i was linked to this from tumblr. is it at all possible to buy that dolphin bracelet?