14 February 2009

THE Metalsmith's Question

"What makes one piece [of jewellery] live and another die?"
(attributed to Hermann Jünger- more on him to come...)

Somehow something dies when one 'works' a piece too much. Sometimes lively ideas get rolled, sanded and polished away by too much process. I fear that in metalwork, this happens more than with other media. There are so many techniques to master, to learn, to use. You know what I mean, dont you?- we've all lost that intangible 'something' at some time, by trying too hard. I try to let go- to just 'do stuff' with the material, without freezing my ability with anxiety (expensive material can really make you afraid of failure!). The above brooch was made as immediately as I could; roughly ingotted gold, rolled thick, design snipped out just quickly with scissors and blobbily soldered together. Details stamped. Done. It felt really good.
The motif is a bolting horse- and a hand on the reins; the balance between letting it go / pulling it in; its what you have to do in the creative process, I reckon.

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