18 February 2009

Azechi Woodblock

¡Favorite Artist!
 Umetaro Azechi. I love hanga style woodblock print-making, especially Onchi, Munakata and of course Azechi. He really stuck to a theme; that of mountaineering, and all that exists in that realm ( ...mostly barren scapes, birds and bearded climbers...). Its like he used that narrow subject to say all kinds of things. 
 Something in the process of printmaking gives an intangible mystery to the image; its to do with the indirectness of the mark-making, it is somehow really appealing. It is indirect, yet raw at the same time: the simple expressive hand-carving is often still evident in the print. I think the print would always be better than the original drawing. Even the actual wood blocks are beautiful objects in themselves,  if one comes your way, keep it!

(All this is a bit contrary to what I have said about loss of directness (and therefore quality) through over-process in metalwork. Somehow woodblock printing reconciles this dilemma to brilliant effect... its the balance that's important) 

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