23 February 2009

Black Circle

The graphic gravity of the black disc... it keeps turning up in things I like...
Its the opposite to the sun I guess- the black hole maybe? But here Im not reading it as a hole, more like a strong mark or emblem? The off-white background is of utmost importance too.
Am I just seeing a deep dark eye on some primal level? I dont know... maybe... Ive been observing my wife Alice and new-born Joseph staring into each others eyes...very lovely.

1. Fitting! Bruno Munari's book 
( via amazon)

2.Swallow-tail pennant ( couldn't find a real one) from the old Black Ball shipping line 
( see Racers of the Deep by my grandpa)

3.Dieter Rams' L2 speakers. Very tidy. A great designer, funny how he plays Design Moses with his design commandments though! More on Rams later...

4. from the line and shape king;
  Geoff McFetridge, from the exhibition Two Lines Align 
He's the best!

5. and most beautifully; from the Tokyo Museum collection, an extraordinary vessel . Not sure if its a deliberate decoration or a random kiln- blackening serendipity... the sfumato edge is really pleasant. (jomon period??)

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